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As technology becomes increasingly overwhelming, good design will us better understand it — and each other. That’s where we can help.

You have an audience. We respect them.

👋 Hi there, and happy ! We’re House House, a multidisciplinary dessign studio based in Vancouver, Canada that collaborates with people all over the world — even where you are. We’re excited to join forces with you to make something wonderful together. We achieve results by striving to accomplish three things:

Work Differently

While other design shops shoehorn your business into their process, we listen and help you grow. We’re not interested in adding to the noise — that doesn’t help anyone. We're here to cut through the cacophony and build beautiful products that have purpose and function.

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Make Connections

To do this, we listen to your story. In discovering who you are, we uncover who is at the heart of your business — and who your audience is. We work until we can connect your goals to their needs in a seamless, intelligent way; we work until we know your audience as well as your dog knows its bone; we work until they come away saying, “of course.”

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Think Big

You’ve got a visionary idea or you wouldn’t be here right now. Let’s start a conversation to see if our values jive with your desires, to see if our approach fits your needs, to see if our solution-focused, scalable work meshes with your vision.

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What should we make together?

📝 Art Direction 🌄 Brand Identity 📚 Graphic Design💻 Responsive Websites
⌨️ Front-End Dev🚚 Product Design📦 Packaging Design 📱 Progressive Web Apps
🎬 Film Editing🌀 Motion Design 📰 Editorial Design 🗺 Environmental Design

What have we been working on lately?

Let us introduce ourselves.

Illustrated portrait of Ben Groulx

Ben Groulx 🤙

Ben brings experience in design systems, front-end architecture, and feedback processes to House House. You can find him hanging out at a local brewery or playing board games when not focusing on the intersection of interaction and graphic design. Add him on LinkedIn and see his website.

Illustrated portrait of Sean Durfee

Sean Durfee 🤘

Sean is a web, product, and graphic designer fluent in front-end development with a background in international relations and entrepreneurship. He spends too much time in coffee shops building new products. Add him on LinkedIn and see his website.

Illustrated portrait of Caitlin Farquharson

Caitlin Farquharson 💅

Caitlin is House House’s marketing whiz; with a background in business strategy and marketing, Caitlin helps us uncover user needs, organize complicated information challenges, and refine and focus content tasks. Add her on LinkedIn.

We should work together.

Available starting Q3 2017

We’re often head-down, jamming out creating something really cool. But we’ll always make time to hear about your challenges, or if you’re just wanting to say a quick hello. So give us a shout, and let’s make some magic happen.