↳ Housemates

🏡 We’re organized a bit differently than the last agency you worked with, and we think that’s our biggest strength. With a tiny full-time staff and a big network, we can adapt to scale and changes — just as your teams and projects must.

When filmmakers make movies, characters are portrayed by the actors who best embody the role. Similarly, we’ll staff your project by choosing the designers who best fit the requirements. Whether it’s design direction or support, your team acquires the right number of folks handpicked for your specific situation.

When you start a project with House House you’ll be assigned a Housemate with the right mix of skills and experience who can bring your team up to speed.

Bricks / Flexible Pricing

To determine the cost of a designer, we look at the problems you’re experiencing, the goals you want to reach, and the context surrounding it all. Only then can we properly figure out the best approaches and set you up for future success. Our first solution is called “ bricks” — half-days of work, or 3–5 hours; one calendar day is comprised of two bricks. Bricks allow you to slot a designer in when you think they will make the biggest impact.

Campaigns / Fixed-Rate Pricing

Huge scope? Complex requirements? Extended timelines? Depending on the project, it may sometimes be more appropriate to estimate the project as a whole. During a projects’s RFP phase, proposal phase, or discovery phase, we’ll work with you to plan the type and amount of support you’ll need. Instead of us delivering your project and parting ways, our Housemates will coach, mentor, support, and work in and on your team, setting you up for long-term success.