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We teamed up with TRIUMF to create the look of Discovery, Acclerated for the next five years. In collaboration with the team at Briteweb, we established and assembled the pieces of Canada’s particle accelerator’s visual design language — or rather, the atoms and the molecules of it. We were tasked with defining a new library of patterns and elements to be use across digital products, uniting the brand under a cohesive visual language.

in collaboration with Briteweb

to support the team at TRIUMF

We created a vibrant new corporate homepage (and a few supporting ones) for the #1 provider of ecommerce PWAs. We were tasked with briding their existing brand image with new direction from the internal design team.

in collaboration with Mobify

For the past two years, we’ve supported the blanc ink team by helping them iterate and design their marketing tool. After the first iteration provided a proof of concept, they came back to us and together we designed and built their market-ready web app.

to support the team at Blanc Ink

blanc ink

We're embeded with the product team at SEDNA, helping them design and ship enterprise collaborative email for shipping companies. We're leading product and visual design, working to build the foundation for their design system, and establish best practices for their growing team.

to support the team at SEDNA


We provided a bold, stylish new direction for IMBY’s marketing site. With direction from the internal UX team at IMBY and the strategic brand strategy from Briteweb, we were able to quickly set guidelines and restrictions on the site, and use that as a foundation for a new design system.

in collaboration with Briteweb

to support the team at IMBY

We built a flexible, readable site for Connect for Kids by designing for a vast user base. Our task was to design and build a site that loaded quickly, where content was legible, and was understood by a wide-ranged, multi-national audience of kids and parents.

In collaboration with Denim & Steel